Sunday, February 26, 2006

v2go Belfast has shut

Vegetarian fast food is not terribly common place so v2g0 was pretty unique, certainly in Ireland. Their time in Belfast appears to be at an end though, friends have reported seeing their outlet stripped bare on their last visit. They did veggie burgers, veggie hot dogs, Mexican burgers, falafel (all suitable for vegans too) along with a couple of quiche options and all the side orders. Burger meal (with chips and soft drink) started at £2.95. Not too shabby. The kids loved it. Even their non-vegetarian cousins loved it.

They still have an outlet in the Arndale Centre in Manchester at least.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

McDonalds chips now with extra beef, dairy and wheat

Fresh from being sued for misleading vegetarians by hiding the fact that their chips (aka french fries aka freedom fries) contain beef extracts, McDonalds are making friends in the vegan and coeliac communities too. They have apparently quietly changed their advice that their chips are free from milk and wheat allergens to say that they actually do contain dairy and wheat products after all. Oops. Don't? Do? Easy mistake to make.

So a vegan (no to dairy) in Los Angeles and parents of a coeliac (allergic to gluten from wheat) child are both suing good old McDonalds. Even Motley Fool, the online business site is running the story as McDonalds: Allergic to Common Sense.

McSpotlight has more fun McDonalds facts and fiction.


Friday, February 17, 2006

More Ireland sightseeing

Browsing around Google Maps I've added a few more places to my Ireland Sightseeing mashup:
  • Granuaile's Tower - Achill Island
  • Giant's Ring, Albert Clock, City Hall, Milltown Cemetary - Belfast
  • Fin Barre's Cathedral - Cork
  • Vinegar Hill, Enniscorthy Castle - Enniscorthy
  • Thiepval Barracks (British Army HQ) - Lisburn
There is a nice Google map for visitors to Enniscorthy at

Let me know of anywhere else fun you find on Google maps in Ireland, or any inaccuracies in my map reading. :)


FOSS Means Business

From Ciarán O'Riordan, there is an upcoming event in Belfast featuring Richard Stallman and Bruce Perens, (Free/Open Source Software) FOSS Means Business. It's on the 16th March in Spires Conference Centre.
Richard Stallman and Bruce Perens will keynote at this event targetted at fueling transitions towards Free Software solutions in the IT departments of businesses and the public sector. CEOs and CIOs may particularly be interested in the business angle of Bruce Perens, and Richard Stallman will speak on the updating of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3) and "Free Software in Ethics and Practice". Other speakers from the public and private sectors are to be announced soon and there will be many opportunities for networking at the event.
Google are even sponsoring it. :)

Jortosh Ministry targets young girls in Dublin

A group of evangelic Christians have set up in East Wall and are targeting young girls directly for conversion (it would appear). We have received invitations for girls, most aged 5-12 , to go to a pyjama party without their parents where various sweets and presents will be given to the children whilst they hear Bible readings. The same people rented a bouncy castle recently for local children to play on as a warm up event and invited our children playing in the street into their house. They have started pressuring our daughter to go to this event, even leading her by the hand down the street out of sight, seemingly to help with targeting other young girls to come. She has been left in tears between their insistent promises of free sweets, make up, goodie bags, movies and our refusal to let her go.

The two young women involved are around 20 from a US outfit called the Jortosh Ministry, which has previously targeted vulnerable children in Uganda and South Africa, but now have decided that "inner city Dublin" is the next place to save.

Here are some excerpts from their invitation (made up to look like a childrens' party invite):
Although we invited the girls to come in their pyjama's (sic), please be advised that this is not a sleepover.

We will be giving out "goodie bags" before the girls go home. ...

The theme of the evening is "Love Yourself" and we will be referring to a verse in the Bible to emphasise this theme. We understand that religion is a sensitive issue, but we want you to know - we are Christians but we are not trying to convert your daughters or shake the spiritual foundation you may have already laid. ...

We look forward to 'hanging out' with your beautiful daughters....
Here is what they say on their website:
We believe that children are extremely important to God and in the life of the Body of Christ. They are not cute showpieces but should be trained up to become strong disciples of Christ and be trained up at the earliest age to be ministers of the Gospel in prayer, worship, evangelism and all other giftings. Jortosh Ministries International seeks to raise up a new generation of godly children and youth, through the mobilizing, training and empowering of individuals, churches and organizations both locally and around the world.

I don't know whether to laugh or call the Gardai. Several children in the area are apparently going to go - "Love Yourself Girls Night" is this Saturday night. Free food, presents and babysitters on a Saturday night is a powerful lure for both parents and children.

Has anyone else heard of Jortosh Ministry? They appear to have been in Dublin for a few months - has anyone heard of evangelists in Dublin directly targeting young children in this way? Am I under or over reacting to this?