Sunday, July 31, 2005

A week of birthdays

Five of the people in Hyderabad had birthdays in the last week of July, including Dylan and me. We threw a little party for Dylan in the apartment and there were a couple of children there as well as a bunch of people from work and that work in the apartments. Dylan got a robot that he loves as well as a bunch of other toys – we weren't able to take them all with us unfortunately. Jasmine got a couple of presents too, so she didn't feel too hard done by.

My birthday came a few days later and Lauren, Brian and Regina from work also had birthdays this week. We had a couple of nights out, the night of my birthday ending up involving that perfect combination, whiskey and fireworks. Fireworks seem to be easier to buy than whiskey in India.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mama's got a brand new blog

Rose-Anne has gone and got herself a blog. Whatever next?


Monday, July 25, 2005

Vegan Shakes

Rose-Anne, Jasmine and Dylan arrived in Hyderabad three weeks ago now. I have a new focus for the few minutes between the end of work and the start of sleep. Everyone has been doing really well, especially considering I'm at work all day and this isn't really a holiday, yet. We have two more weeks left here now, before jetting off to Delhi and more excitement. We still haven't decided where we're going after that. Maybe an Indian hill station in the Himalayas or even Nepal as well as Agra and Rajasthan.

On the weekends we have been able to see some of Hyderabad. In fact with the whole week at their disposal, Rose-Anne and the kids have been able to see more of the city than I have! We've been able to go out to a few restaurants - there is quite a choice in a city this size. The great thing here is that vegetarian restaurants are all around. Chutney's seems to be the best known and does great food - there is a fair sized queue outside to get in on Friday and Saturday nights though, so you have to get there early. There is a coffee shop chain here called Coffee Day which even has a Vegan Shake on the menu! It's not bad if a bit on the sweet side.

We took Jasmine and Dylan to the Salar Jung museum, my second visit. They liked some of the exhibits, like the dresses, armour and some of the children's exhibits. Rooms were randomly closed off that had been opened on my earlier visit. We managed to catch the hourly cuckoo clock event, where maybe 200 people sit in hushed silence in a hall in the middle of the museum and await the striking of the hour. Jasmine's eminently reasonable reaction when the hour came, "Was that it?".

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