Friday, March 16, 2007

Brothers In Arms copy protection pain

More time wasted figuring out eventually that the copy protection software of this new game appears to be incompatible with the DVD drive I have, a Samsung SM-308B. After finally getting the game loaded it fails to start with a wonderfully helpful error:

AppName: bia.exe AppVer: ModName: ~df394b.tmp
ModVer: Offset: 000c486b
The only options seem to be to buy a new DVD drive or follow the instructions in this forum post.

Now that I've finally got it working, I'm not sure that I like the game much. :(

Brothers In Arms fails to install

I bought an old, new game. Published in 2005 (Brother In Arms: Road to Hill 30) and not only still got bugs but the manufacturer's support forums are full of frustrated people getting no answers. Their excuse - these are community support forums, so they are not actually trying to support the game at all. It has nasty DVD copy protection software built in.

Thirty minutes wasted of my life and it came down to this: the installed DVD burning software from Roxio (Easy CD creator) which came with the PC clashes with the stupid copy protection. You see setup.exe starting in Task Manager, spawning Imapirox.exe, then both exiting. You can't even install the game.

The solution: go into the Windows Services administration app and disable Imapirox.exe (IMAPI CD burning service).

I guess it is just another of Windows lovable little ways of reminding me why I hate it.