Saturday, February 18, 2006

McDonalds chips now with extra beef, dairy and wheat

Fresh from being sued for misleading vegetarians by hiding the fact that their chips (aka french fries aka freedom fries) contain beef extracts, McDonalds are making friends in the vegan and coeliac communities too. They have apparently quietly changed their advice that their chips are free from milk and wheat allergens to say that they actually do contain dairy and wheat products after all. Oops. Don't? Do? Easy mistake to make.

So a vegan (no to dairy) in Los Angeles and parents of a coeliac (allergic to gluten from wheat) child are both suing good old McDonalds. Even Motley Fool, the online business site is running the story as McDonalds: Allergic to Common Sense.

McSpotlight has more fun McDonalds facts and fiction.



At 28 December 2006 15:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am disgusted as a Muslim, hidden facts such as the chips being made with extracts of beef!! just for money, people can go to such an extent whereby they feed the wrong meat to people, thus offending their religious backgrounds!!

At 1 December 2007 18:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have only learned today from a relative that the fries and hash browns from mcdonalds had been fried in beef fat before being ditributed to their chains. I was so revolted and disgusted with this that i felt physically sick thinking about it.
I will be seeking legal advise about this and I hope all vegeterians, hindus and muslims sue mcdonalds for misleading public that they were suitable for vegeterians when they knew it wasnt

At 19 February 2009 22:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Relgous beliefs or not McDonalds is guilty of far more than that, OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE, their food is crap PERIOD! They mislead the public and brainwash children to eat there!
Oh and as for suing them...get over yourself, just quit eating there you idiot!

At 21 August 2009 22:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't belive that statment about mcdonalds french fries with extract of beef i am absolutly appalled cuning b*******s.

At 21 August 2009 22:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since i have found out about french fries and as a muslim i have felt that all muslims have been left in the dark i used to enjoy macdonalds now i can not eat from their so will you do something about it.


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