Friday, February 17, 2006

More Ireland sightseeing

Browsing around Google Maps I've added a few more places to my Ireland Sightseeing mashup:
  • Granuaile's Tower - Achill Island
  • Giant's Ring, Albert Clock, City Hall, Milltown Cemetary - Belfast
  • Fin Barre's Cathedral - Cork
  • Vinegar Hill, Enniscorthy Castle - Enniscorthy
  • Thiepval Barracks (British Army HQ) - Lisburn
There is a nice Google map for visitors to Enniscorthy at

Let me know of anywhere else fun you find on Google maps in Ireland, or any inaccuracies in my map reading. :)


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Enhanced Google Maps imagery is available from API

Like many others I initially thought that the enhanced satellite imagery just updated in Google Maps for places like Belfast (and loads more) was not available via the API. I was wrong. My new mashup, Ireland Sightseeing, uses the updated imagery.

So what's the secret? Blindingly obvious - use version 2 of the API. Whilst v.2 hasn't stabilised yet and requires minor changes to your version 1 maps, in return you get the new imagery. It looks to me like the v.2 API gives you two less zoom levels than Google Maps itself on the new imagery, but c'est la vie.

If you want to find out more about version 2 of the API, this tutorial should tell you everything you need to get started (by Mike Williams).


Ireland sightseeing on Google Maps

Have a look at some sights visible on Google maps including some of the enhanced satellite imagery available for Northern Ireland with my basic Google maps mashup for Ireland sightseeing.

As well as the places from my last post, see a bit of the Peace Line on the Falls Road in Belfast, Carrickfergus Castle, Kilmainham Jail or the Crown Bar (at least from the air!). Plus a pile more.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Belfast sights on Google maps

Now that the Google Maps satellite imagery of Belfast is drastically improved, here are a few interesting sites to visit:
Political party headquarters:
Sadly the Google Maps API is still using the old imagery, which is extremely low resolution for Belfast, so links will have to suffice for now.


Saturday, December 31, 2005

Google map of Vegetarian Ireland

I've put together a Google Maps version of my Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Ireland so you can browse around a real map and find the locations of the places involved. Handy to find a bunch of restaurants in a given area. I've still got a bunch of places to update with location data so that they'll appear on the map, but there's about 20 on there for now.

Google Maps hacking is fun, but it does remind me why I hate Javascript. And Internet Explorer.

See what you think! Other cool Google maps in Ireland whilst we're on the topic:

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Saturday, April 23, 2005


We went to see Amityville today, the new version of the
"true story" horror movie. It's not bad, if not really suspenseful (if that's a word!) and not too gorey. But not bad for an afternoon when the kids are at a party. I think it's the second time we've gone to the cinema ourselves since Jasmine was born. :)

The main real person protrayed in the film, George Lutz, has his own website where he tells his side of the story:

The Amityville Horror


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google maps Ireland!

Google Maps have finally come to Ireland, if in limited form - maps only, no satellite and no search yet. Here are a few samples:
For Northern Ireland you can search:


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Google maps hacks

Lots of folk are having fun with the new Google Maps. They are blessed with some of the same hacks as regular web searching. Some obvious ones have already been found, no doubt more obscure ones will come out as time progresses:

George Bush: miserable failure in washington, dc
Microsoft: weapons of mass destruction near redmond

This way is cheaper and probably more accurate than the old way of searching for the weapons.