Wednesday, January 26, 2005

OpenSolaris rises from the grave

argghh, arrrggh, need brains, tasty brains.... OpenSolaris is finally, really alive. I had a quick look at the dtrace source like many no doubt today. It looks complicated. Good thing my C is nearly non-existent.

I made space on the new laptop for a Solaris partition (or two), but I'm holding out another week until the FCS Solaris 10 comes out. I'm so sure we'll be seeing lots of retractions from all those good people who said it would never happen. Maybe they're having an off day, but the Slashdot trolls are fairly light on the ground - come on, there's got to be some more inventive conspiracy theories out there. I guess it gets a bit harder when actual code is available. There's even some poor, misguided soul pining for the iminent release of CDE source code. This Slashdot reply says it all:
"what kind of nutcrack would you have to be to crave for such an ugly piece of software as CDE?"
There are a load of cool blogs out there on OpenSolaris, primarily people who have all the code in the pilot program and the developers themselves. Some favourites:



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