Tuesday, January 04, 2005

new year to you too

Well everyone's having a new year now and I'm no different. Back at work today after a short week last week and yesterday off, even though I kind of ran out of holidays for the first time, having only just started in Google, the holidays fell nicely to get a few days off.

We're having the nice change of no TV right now, as a minor electrical storm seems to have blown our TV up. It's certainly not working, although we're not 100% convinced by the (new to us) TV repair man's word on things that it's not repairable. But the cost and hassle of dealing with the insurance looks to be not worth it, even if they covered us, which is not certain after the flood - almost 2 years now. We're not covered for flooding and storms, which might just give them a get out clause here.

So much for Bertie's assurances that no one's insurance would be affected. He's only the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) after all.

The kids are discovering the Internet afresh now though, whilst there is no TV, we're still discovering the joys of the first few days of Google-provided broadband Internet access. Hurrah for my new job! Waiting for Flash games is a lot easier when you wait 10 seconds instead of 5 minutes. Especially for a 2 year old, reknowned for their patience.

My new website is almost finished (I always say that), I'm serious this time! Vegans are from Mars will be appearing shortly!



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