Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Artful Dodger pays me a visit

It's been an eventful week. All good to begin but it took a nosedive on Thursday.

I got the first reviews added to my updated Vegan Ireland guide the day it went live, which was unexpected. And several more since this week. So a good reaction, which is always nice! Then we finally replaced the television. We got a second opinion on the possibility of repairing it and, yes, it was well blown up. So we bought a nice new one. Our long delayed repairs of the kitchen ceiling started mid week too - a radiator leak upstairs had caused damage to the plaster including a big hole in the middle. So that's all come down and there's just a wee bit left to do to finish it off.

Then on Thursday night it all went wrong. I met up with the lads from O2 for a drink after work and within a few minutes my laptop bag was stolen. I didn't notice until closing time. The manager showed me the CCTV photage of it all happening from the moment the thief entered, following us around and leaving with the bag. All very quick and professional. I feel like a moron because I had all the photos from our honeymoon on the laptop, not backed up anywhere else yet. How stupid am I? Other than that there was nothing exciting on the laptop, some small consolation. I managed to catch a pickpocket with his hand in my pocket in Bolivia, but at home no such luck.

I'm off to California on Tuesday morning, so hopefully that'll cheer me up. :)


At 16 January 2005 11:23, Blogger Omni said...

I hope you get your laptop back!!

At 16 January 2005 16:32, Blogger Des said...

I'm afraid there's pretty much no chance of getting the laptop back. The Garda think about 30 minutes would be the average the thief himself would have held onto it - and I didn't notice for a few hours!

Maybe it's the modern equivalent of the Philosopher's Stone: silicon into heroin in 30 minutes.

But thanks for the nice thoughts!

At 27 January 2005 13:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the guys from Horizon? ;)

At 29 January 2005 23:01, Blogger Des said...

You're still an honourary O2-er, mysterious anonymous guy. :)


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