Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Gilman rocks!

I got my act together to drive up to Berkeley on Saturday to the famous Gilman Street punk collective to see a gig. Or a "show" as I keep getting told - the guy who sits next to me in Google is a straight edger, how cool is that? Except for the not drinking part of course...

There were a bunch of bands that I'd never heard of - Shinobu, Short Round, Dan Potthast and Colossal. But definitely the highlight of the night was Mike Park, more kind of a singer songwriter who seems to go back a bit - he played in Gilman Street in the 80s! He showed a cool DVD he'd made whilst he played and he even does one song with a scary girl on the cello accompanying - you can listen to it, Supposed to be There Too.

I took a couple of useless photos - mobile phones don't have flashes! But wait, with the power of the Internet...woohoo, here's some photos from the gig that someone else took! Thanks Justin August whoever you are.

Gilman Street is fairly small, way smaller than the old Warzone centre in Belfast, but probably a good size for independent gigs. It's lasted, which is much more important. One thing that was weird was that most people there were really young (well under twenty anyway!) - it's an all ages venue - and there were no, repeat no, crusties. What a strange place.

Before the gig I went to a great vegan Japanese restaurant in Berkeley, Cha-Ya, queuing outside for about 30 minutes to get a seat at the counter. There were probably a dozen people queuing with me, and some people who arrived outside before I got a seat had just got inside when I was leaving. So it must be good, right? And it was. These Northern Californian vegans have it tough.


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