Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy birthday Mars rovers

The intrepid Mars rovers are still going one year into their mission. Good going on a planet reputed to be hostile to probe droids. They even have their own happy birthday web page. They've taken some pretty cool pictures so far, although their zooming around reminds me of the snail's charge in the new Magic Roundabout film. Watch the trailer, it looks like a laugh.

Rose-Anne and the kids are off to Belfast for the rest of the week, which leaves me free or on my own depending on how you look at it! So I'll be off to work in a while, living it up. Jasmine is trying out her new walkman she got for Christmas and as she didn't get round to taping her fairy stories, she's decided to take a Clash tape instead. That's my girl! Hopefully that'll make the car journey go a little quicker, although she and Dylan managed 12 hour bus rides in Peru and Bolivia, so the 2-3 hours to Belfast shouldn't be that hard for them.


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