Sunday, January 09, 2005

Vegans are from Mars lives

After a 12 hour PHP session, my new website is finally functional, if not necessarily the best polished or pretty. Still progress is progress. It's alive!

There are two main subsites as before:

Vegan & Vegetarian Guide to Ireland
Vegan Wine Guide

These are both now in databases, searchable, sortable - all that good stuff. Plus people can add their own reviews to the Ireland guide (and the lesser used Rome guide). In theory this is all much more maintainable so it should be easier to grow it now. Plus it works from anywhere (updating was only possible whilst dialed up to Eircom before, which was a royal pain).

Now the small task of tracking down all the pages linking to the old ones and asking them to update, plus getting in Google of course! Being an employee doesn't do anything for you there. From trying, it's looks like has turned off htaccess on their webserver, so I've had to make do with
meta refresh
tags on the old pages. Which apparently will make me look like a spammer to Google. Great.

Still no TV, which no doubt in part explains the burst of web creativity! And I've only spent a few hours playing Medal of Honor online with my new broadband so far. :)


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