Thursday, November 25, 2004

Vegan Thanksgiving

We're having a lazy day today, what with being on holiday and most stuff being closed. We should make it up for lunchtime though, if we can get in, Millenium is having a five course vegan thanksgiving meal. First come, first served, as the main restaurant was booked out a while ago (they've some tables available at the bar area).

We had a sort of thanksgiving related meal yesterday in Google - tofu and lentil loaf with mushroom gravy, organic fried pak choi, candied yams with pecans. Rose-Anne was duly impressed and made like a new Googler in trying to fit six meals onto one plate at once. She held back once she figured out it wasn't all going to fit. There were a couple of other vegan options, but the queues were longer for those ones!

After saying hello to the few sysadmins who weren't mysteriously sick the day before Thanksgiving and collecting our laundry - mission successful - we headed to the cinema to see something that wasn't animated. Unfortunately it was Bridget Jones 2. After a dinner at the fine Bay Leaf Café in Palo Alto, one of the few towns with a real downtown around here, we headed back for more punishment in the form of the film Alexander. I then realised just how good Bridget Jones had been, even if I had seen the one or two jokes it had to offer in the first film.



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