Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Back in San Francisco

We got back into San Francisco last night after a mammoth 12 hour drive from Death Valley. In hindsight there could have been more planning there, but when you want to cram as much as possible in.... We're now staying in a pretty fancy hotel near Union Square with a Beefeater guarding the door. Very authentic and historic.

I managed to get the hire car stuck in mud in Death Valley, we probably found the only wet patch in the driest part of California. We had plenty of help to push it out, luckily we were right beside civilisation at the time. We even drove back through snow - I guess even though it's pretty much winter time, but we were expecting Death Valley to be a bit warmer!

Today was a little more relaxed, our major struggle was with the huge choice in Herbivore, a vegan restaurant in the Mission district. I think Rose-Anne asked the waiter three different times whether a particular item was vegan. We were like kids in a sweet shop with too much to choose from!



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