Sunday, May 01, 2005

You would make a good Dalek

I'm not sure I like the new Doctor Who pyscho-analysing himself. I think the old Doctors did have their moments of "should I, shouldn't I", in fact often in connection with wiping out the Daleks once and for all. None with such a "I've become what I most hate" obviousness though. Or maybe I was younger then. Jasmine's instinctive reaction, "poor Dalek", was more shocking. :) Even Rose-Anne joined in the argument on the side of the Doctor, from her vantage point behind the sofa.

So I feel a little let down by the one and only appearance of the Dalek (singular). The recycling of the jokes and the lines from the first time the Daleks flew up stairs were a let down too, although to be fair, I'm not sure many people heard them the first time round.

Perhaps it is just a childhood favourite being taken over by a new generation - I don't like the new way!


At 2 May 2005 00:27, Blogger Mark said...

Though the episode was ropey in places I actually enjoyed it.

And who says that's the last time a Dalek shows up in the news series?

I know something you don't know. ;-P

At 2 May 2005 17:55, Blogger Des said...

I did enjoy it overall. More Daleks after the last one ever died? You've said too much! Sounds good though. I was wondering why episode 12 is mysteriously missing its title in the BBC guide.... :)


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