Saturday, March 26, 2005

The road to Belfast

We're off to Belfast in a few minutes to spend some time at Easter with Rose-Anne's ma and da. They managed to find us Groovy Chick (new this year) and Bart Simpson vegan Easter eggs for Jasmine and Dylan, so hopefully there will be some happy children tomorrow! We have some sweets for an Easter treasure hunt, but as Jasmine fell off a wall and had half a breeze block fall on her ankle, she's worried she won't be able to walk for it, never mind run around. The incentive of fun and chocolate has powerful healing powers though!

I haven't been on the motorway since the speed limits changed to metric, so I'll have to get used to thinking about 120 kph instead of 70mph. How modern! Rose-Anne has made the trip a few times recently, but with the bizarre Irish driving laws, she can drive all the way to the border, just not on the motorway. She only has a provisional driving license. Of course she can't drive in Northern Ireland at all...because she has a provisional driving license. She waited 16 months for her first driving test and it looks like she'll be waiting the same again for her second. You can probably get a test date in 3 months or so in Northern Ireland. So the weird situation persists here where it's legal to fail your driving test and drive home on your own from the test.


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