Monday, March 28, 2005

Daleks off the starboard bow

I managed to enjoy the last 5 minutes of the new Doctor Who twice this weekend. It looked good from that excerpt. I guess I'll have to find the rest on the torrent somewhere! Jasmine liked the bits we saw, but then she knows that enjoyment is not optional. :) There was a brief "making of Doctor Who" on after it with interviews with a bunch of previous Doctors. For each of them, as for most of us I guess, their favourite Doctor was the one they grew up with. For Jasmine and Dylan I guess it will be Christopher Eccleston.

And finally this weekend, the brave (and armed) Metropolitan Police fended off an attempt to exterminate Doctor Blair on the steps of the houses of Parliament. Luckily, as we all know Daleks can't climb steps - traditionally any way. The moment the Daleks flew after Sylvester McCoy as he laughed from the top of the cellar stairs was pretty scary, although I was quite happy to sacrifice Doctor McCoy.

The inhabitant of this particular Dalek, Scotsman Ken Meikle, apparently filming a promo video for his stage version of Doctor Who, was hustled away to protect the (allegedly) human inhabitants of Parliament. Maybe they'll station a Police Box outside Westminster permanently now, to be on the safe side.


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