Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Vegan in Hyderabad

It's not hard at all to find vegan food in Hyderabad. There is always a distinction between veg and non-veg food in every restaurant, with non-veg(etarian) often being the unusual option. When cheese, cream, butter or (rarely) ghee are added to a particular dish, they are usually flagged specifically as an attraction – "plain roti" or "butter roti". When they're not specifically mentioned, we usually had a hard time explaining what vegan was to any waiters. People generally want you to be happy, which means they tell you what you want to hear and rarely say "no". So you have to use your best judgement at times.
Restaurants we visited included Fusion 9, Mainland China, Angeeti, Chutneys, Haveli, and Ohri's. Chutneys (vegetarian restaurant) was definitely our favourite. Oh, and vegetarian restaurant usually means no alcohol either. Bummer.

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At 6 October 2005 20:21, Blogger Roz said...

Bummer is right. Vegan non-alcoholic.

At 5 March 2008 06:50, Blogger Chenchula said...

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At 5 March 2008 06:51, Blogger Chenchula said...

I have recently become a Vegan. That's right - no meat, dairy products, and eggs. I wonder where thebest places are to find food that don't use milk or butter at all - in Hyd. Any suggestions?


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