Sunday, August 07, 2005

Monsoon is a state of mind

We woke up in the middle of our second last night in Hyderabad to the sound of a waterfall. Monsoon has been relatively light this year, although there has been some flooding in central Hyderabad. Mumbai and Gujarat have been having a terrible time, but Hyderabad's initial worry was not getting enough rain.
Unfortunately for us, the waterfall was not coming from outside the apartment. A tap in the bathroom in the children's room had somehow exploded off the wall, leaving the pipe behind gushing water. Pretty soon there was an inch of water everywhere in the apartment and a neat waterfall going down the stairs onto the computer below. It took about 30 minutes before we could find someone with enough plumbing know-how to turn the water off. It was 4am.
We evacuated to apartment 402 where there was a spare room, flood refugees for a second time. This time we were able to move back into our own room a couple of hours later. What a nice send off to help us remember Hyderabad.



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