Monday, June 20, 2005

An Irish Joke from India

Well aren't we the famous nation? Sitting down to dinner at Angeethi's restaurant in Hyderabad last week I found an Irish joke in the middle of the menu. I still don't understand it, but "naturally" it involves the Irish all getting drunk. Maybe one of you can figure it out and tell me. :)
The Irish Team and The Patiala Peg

By informed sources
Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, who ruled the princely state of Patiala, was six and a half feet tall. He was an avid horse ride and keen enthusiast of equestrian events.

He once invited an Irish team for a match of tent pegging. Scared of losing face, his team of Nihang warriors got the Irish team drunk by serving double measure of every peg disguised as a normal peg.

Naturally, the visiting team lost the match next morning. When they complained, the Maharaja replied, "Yes, in Patiala, our pegs are larger".



At 21 August 2005 19:34, Blogger bhupinder singh said...

I guess the anecdote just illustrates the meaning of the famous Patiala peg, which is supposed to be much larger than a normal one. The Irish team could hardly have been expected to know about this fact and hence got drunk excessively.

At 1 September 2005 15:15, Blogger Des said...

I have since found out about the "famous" Patiala peg, even ordering a peg of gin recently in Nepal! It just seemed a stretch to belive that the Viceroy of the British Empire's entire team was Irish, but maybe so. The "sport" of tent pegging still has me scratching my head though. :)

At 16 March 2006 12:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dudes, Peg is same everywhere.


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