Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hyderabad LUG tech talk

Yesterday I gave a tech talk to the Hyderabad Linux Users Group (LUG) on the subject of mail filtering for high volume sites. There were about 50 people who had plenty of excellent questions and experiences of their own. It was a great night and somehow ended up being almost 4 hours (not all talking of course)!

Of course these things never go without a hitch and we started off with my laptop point blank refusing to talk to the overhead projector. After a crash team of Linux doctors assisted in trying various options the best we could come up with was command line only. OpenOffice is good, but not that good.

Thank Google for the trusty Interweb! I had uploaded the presentation to my website just before the talk to pre-empt any "where are the slides" questions. So Plan B came into operation and we switched to running the presentation from there. A big thanks to Suman for organising things and to everyone who turned up.

We finished off the evening with a brief overview of Google by Amitabh, one of our software engineers. We introduced some of the many positions we were hiring for in Hyderabad and Bangalore. I got to say, "I can't comment on exactly what operating systems we use at Google, but we're hiring Linux Systems Adninistrators." :)



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