Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Solaris 10 & Fedora Core 3 dual boot

I got Solaris 10 installed nice and smoothly. Java Desktop 3 aka customised Gnome looks nicer than the last time I saw it, I just need to poke around a bit and find everything again. The only downside so far is that it appears the Atheros wireless driver I need won't be available until maybe the next update of Solaris. Maddeningly, the Solaris engineers merrily blogging away are happily using the driver, but we can't. Roll on the rest of OpenSolaris! Which of course may not include this driver depending on where it's come from....

As I was waiting on Solaris 10 final release shipping, I had Linux installed first on the laptop. Which is not the easiest way to do it. So of course Solaris installs it own boot loader and I could no longer boot Linux (Fedora Core 3). To fix this:
  1. Boot with Fedora rescue cd
  2. Type chroot /mnt/sysimage
  3. Edit /boot/grub/grub.conf and append:
    title Solaris
    rootnoverify (hd0,2)
    chainloader +1
  4. Reinstall grub as your boot loader; type grub, at the grub> prompt type:
    grub> root (hd0,0)
    grub> setup (hd0)
    grub> quit
  5. Reboot
Pretty straightforward. The above assumes Solaris is on the same disk (hd0) as your Linux partitions and that it is on partition 3 (hd0,2) - adjust to suit. Now to get the graphics working nicely before moving onto some more exciting stuff.



At 23 July 2005 23:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried your solution, but when I tried to install grub (setup (hd0) ) I received te message that the file system is unkown and that grub cannot write on it. Any ideas?

At 25 July 2005 02:46, Blogger Des said...

Are you using a single disk? Try running "root (hd0," followed by a tab and see what it finds. You can also run "find /vmlinuz". Can you mount the filesystems when booted off the rescue cd? What type of filesystems does it see? You can also try "rootnoverify (hd0,0)" instead of "root (hd0,0)".

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