Thursday, February 03, 2005

Certain Death vegan cafe grand opening

The Certain Death Vegan Cafe! Grand Opening
Sunday 20th of Feburary at 5:30pm in the UnaWarehouse
The Apostles play an exclusive set to mark the event!

Then every Sunday 5:30-8:30
The Certain Death cafe is for alternative leisure and social spaces. It's for super vegan grub and brainpoppin Zapatista coffee. It's for dropping in of a Sunday to an autonomous space. It's for DIY events every week. It's against paying to be social. It shares its space with the BAD BOOKS and Forgotten Zine Libraries.
Where is the UnaWarehouse? (Map)
It has a big gate and is at the bottom of Strandville Ave. which is a right turn at Costello Doors on North Strand Road, Dublin 1.




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