Sunday, October 23, 2005

My wife was a Daily Star centrefold

A couple of weeks ago Rose-Anne fulfilled a life long ambition by becoming the centrefold in the Irish Daily Star, a newspaper of high repute. How proud am I? :)

In fact the whole family got our picture in the paper, along with Niall and Miriam and kids. Both Niall and I were interviewed on the joys of having a vegan family in Dublin, and a surprisingly fair and sympathetic piece made the centrefold of the paper on the Tuesday after World Vegetarian Day. Unfortunate for the PR machine that is the Irish Vegetarian Society, who were hoping for the publicity to come before the day....

Jasmine also had her picture, taken at World Vegetarian Day, in the Irish Independent on the Monday. After our TV interview on Nepal TV and my early morning TV appearance on TV3 last year, we're becoming right little media whores.


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