Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pocket guide to Vegetarian Ireland

As the natural complement to the Pocket Guide to Vegan Wine I've made a Pocket Guide to Vegetarian Ireland. This is prints out on a single double-sided A4 page and lists vegetarian and vegan restaurants, cafes and accomodation in Ireland for travellers and residents alike. Whenever I travel I find my self trawling the web creating a list of places I might eat or stay, so this is my idea of what would be really handy if I was visiting Ireland. See if it is yours!

As well as vegetarian and vegan establishments, it also includes veg*n friendly places too - there aren't enough pure vegetarian places in Ireland to survive. We're not northern Calfornia here.

Of course, for the full story, the Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Ireland online has a lot more detail, including reviews, ratings and additional places such as health food stores. Sometimes though you just can't print out the Interweb....



At 2 November 2005 00:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your vegan wine guide has been really useful for me. It is fantastically handy and comprehensive- keep up the good work! Hope to see some Co. Monaghan entries in your Vegetarian Ireland guide in the future, maybe in time for my next visit..

At 3 November 2005 10:35, Blogger Des said...

Glad it was useful. I'll ask around about Monaghan, not the vegetarian capital of Ireland really.... :)

At 25 June 2006 06:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK you thank you thank you! I am travelling to Ireland from the states for the second time in two years and this is a very big help. Also enjoyed your other maps of things to do. Excellent work :-) much appreciated.


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