Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Destination Nepal

Nepal was a relief when we finally made it. Everyone was much friendlier, even rickshaw drivers were less aggressive. We didn't have spare passport photos for our visa applications, so the officials had me wander further into Nepal (well, a few yards anyway!) to find a photocopying shop to copy the photos in our actual passports. Then the photocopying shop insisted I wander a little farther to find a money changer to acquire Nepali Rupees instead of Indian Rupees. Eventually all was well and stamps were ours. We went up the road a few miles to Bhairawa where we checked into the lovely, deserted Hotel Yeti. We treated ourselves to room service, hot water and TV in the most expensive room we've had so far. There are definitely far fewer tourists in Nepal (nothing to do with the ongoing Maoist rebellion I'm sure).



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