Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars Episode III review

omfg it rocks! Whilst many people's expectations were blunted by the shortcomings of Episode I and II, Revenge of the Sith really does the business. You should definitely go and see it.




It's not perfect for sure, there are some lame moments and the Emperor is back to his worst Return of the Jedi campness at times. And what is it with the wookies doing Tarzan impressions? Not nostalgic, just silly - especially as they're swinging over open water this time! :) At times the film feels a little hurried, like when Anakin finally decides to turn to the Dark Side, which takes all of 20 seconds of anguished decision making. And then at the end the young Skywalker twins are given away by OWK express delivery without a word said. A little like the Return of the King ending, like the director wasn't quite sure how to let go.

But overall, a fantastic film, it had me and most of the midnight audience on the edges of our seats for the whole time. It's definitely dark and tragic but not the "bloodbath" that some critics had called it. And it has its comic moments (some of them even funny) and its triumphant moments - the whole cinema cheered when Yoda force pushed the Imperial Guards aside without even a sidewards glance. :) There are a lot of nice "completing the circle" moments, even the small touches - the interior design of Bail Organa's Corellian cruiser looks just like Leia's from the opening of A New Hope. I have a feeling this is a film that will reward repeated viewings (at least that's what I'll tell Rose-Anne!).

Next stop, the weekend, I get to take the kids to see it - Jasmine is bursting to get to go. I'll be the same for the next two days I think. It was worth the wait

For those of you who hate Star Wars, you might like to watch instead Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope, it is absolutely hilarious. If you love Star Wars, you'll like this spoof even more!


At 19 May 2005 19:05, Anonymous Ciaran said...

..........and what is it about the cops, standing in a huddle at the side of the street at 3am in the morning?? One again, thanks very much for the ticket, it was deadly.

At 19 May 2005 21:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm.... Two grown men huddling in the rain on a dark northside street - sounds like a typical night out for Ciaran! Ha ha - just kidding - looking forward to seeing it sometime soon. May the force be with you... John "I wasn't dumped" M.


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