Friday, February 18, 2005

Knocked down a peg on Google

So in the hurly burly of an ever changing world, my websites have gone from being number one on the Google searches for relevant terms to page 2 or 5. Some change has made them suddenly look really bad when a few days ago they were the most relevant result. Working there clearly gives no advantage!

There are two things that may be causing this I think, first is linking my old site to my new one, it may make it look like two websites with the same content, which is apparently a bad thing (spammers do this to make their sites look more important). So I guess I'll have to try changing the old site to have pages with "click here for new site" links, instead of automatic redirects and see if that helps.

The second thing which might I may be getting punished for is all these dodgy spam sites that crawl Google and generate directory type sites from the results. When a spammer's website links to mine that can't be good for my Google karma. But I can't do anything about that right now.


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