Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mario, Queen of the Circus

I found myself in a supporting role in the fantastic show of Mario, Queen of the Circus today. A Freddie Mercury lookalike juggler and street entertainer, he was appearing as part of the free Temple Bar human circus today. I was picked out of the crowd as the "husband" character in the show and just as I thought he had forgotten about me, my time had come.

A fake jealous husband routine followed - I just had to repeat whatever Mario said about his other "volunteer". So far so good. This ended up in a duel to the death with bananas. Not being a veteran of many banana duels I made the beginner's mistake of eating my first mouth full. Once I realised that in fact you spit each mouthful of banana at your opponent, I made much more progress. I ended up in triumph with a fine shot direct to the chest, lording it over my fallen foe.

But not so fast, said he. The duel was merely the warm up rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody!

Mama I killed a man...

I was crowned with a portable microphone headset and given the lyrics. Despite the allegations, I was not a plant, I am not a professional street entertainer and what laugh. Dylan's favourite was how the song ended, a classic:

...air guitar!


At 26 July 2006 20:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ar ar, funny.

I'm a vegan typing this on an Ubuntu Dapper equipped computer. Small world.

--Paul in Seattle


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